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21-04-2006 16:14:23

I Joined when it was 2 silver, 2 gold and 4 platinum with one referral doing the same.

You gotta love that part of the TOS that says they can change the rules at any time. Because now its 2 Silver, 2 Gold and 6 platinum with 5 doing the same.

They are gonna keep upping the requirements so don't even bother with them.


21-04-2006 16:18:19

wow i just finished and printed my vouchers yesterday! haha sooo close


21-04-2006 16:20:09

all my offers are approved i just need one ref.......

I wonder if I can still get away with this?

Tony, you know if anyone has actually recieved a Tv from this site?


21-04-2006 16:24:14

If you signed up when it was 1 ref, you will be grandfathered and receive your stuff with 1 ref only.


21-04-2006 16:31:37

Yeah and this doesn't need a new thread, post in the exsisting one...