Any niutech $1000 GC site that doesnt have nasty OOD's

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18-04-2006 19:11:16

I just keep finding sites that require me to sign up for a credit card and product that costs $200 (diet plans and stuff) on the last page of offers.

gotta be a niutech site out there where I dont have to do a cc and can do maybe like 1 OOD on the last page like a $50 one or something


18-04-2006 19:24:44

Nuitech=OOD last page, thats a 100% given (Unless its 1 offer)


18-04-2006 19:25:39

[quote7112585bf0="CoMpFrEaK"]Nuitech=OOD last page, thats a 100% given (Unless its 1 offer)[/quote7112585bf0]

Yeah I know that since Ive already completed one niutech site. But a credit card plus a $200 OOD is a bit much.


18-04-2006 19:48:24

No Nui-tech site that takes more than 2 offers will be ODD free... the last page is always a bitch...


18-04-2006 20:27:23

thank you to the guy with the link for the macbook pro. Will only cost me like $175 or less to do all the offers for a $2000 gift woooo


18-04-2006 21:42:49