Suggestion- divide up DIY forum

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18-04-2006 10:51:49

Its getting pretty crowded in here- I don't know if subforums are possible, but nuitech should definitely be separated from the rest. My proposal is that Nuitech, YFD, and I-deal get subforums, and then just a forum for all other random DIYs, it will be a lot more organized and easy to moderate. I would be willing to take the time to put all the old threads into their proper new forums if possible.


18-04-2006 10:58:51

Theres about 15 active topics, I really don't think there is a need for that.


18-04-2006 11:38:56

The point is so that the search function is not that helpful, and if I want to dig up a nuitech question that has dropped to page 6, it would be very hard to find, but if all nuitech questions were in 1 forum, it would probably be on page 2, and it would take 1/3 of the time to find. Also, I personally, and other do not have that much interest in the many i-deal topics, whereas many people are very interested in it, so if it was separated it would be easier for everyone to find.


18-04-2006 11:41:54

Bookmark the threads and posts that you like and want to keep up with. problem solved...


18-04-2006 11:49:23

i don't think this is such a bad idea... i don't do ideal, and there are ton's of ideal topics compared to the rest...


18-04-2006 11:57:10

I agree, having them divided would be pretty helpful.


18-04-2006 12:00:54

I doubt this is going to happen. What's alot more likely is a search within a thread feature.


18-04-2006 12:06:46

[quote28a0ad82ba="doylnea"]I doubt this is going to happen. What's alot more likely is a search within a thread feature.[/quote28a0ad82ba]

I like this idea or divide up the DIY Forum. Either one will make me happy.


18-04-2006 12:10:09

i think we should make a seperate DIY Plus Referal section...