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UniPrize Media

17-04-2006 08:43:16

k, I am one of those tax procastinators who do it at the last minute D. Especially this year bec i have to pay the tax man a lot of money (

Now my question is where to put the amount i have gotten from these sites? I usually just use the 1040EZ form but couldnt find a box for "other income". So I am confused where to put it. Is there "other income" box on the other forms? Thanks


17-04-2006 09:42:00

you might have to just do the 1040 this year...i did


17-04-2006 09:58:57

If you get 1099's you can't do the EZ as far as I know. You limightli be able to 1040A. I've been having to do a full 1040 + other forms return for so many years now I can't remember the restrictions on the easier forms.