after nuitech received the printed voucher you send...

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kingpin nyc

12-04-2006 21:21:46

do they still update the staus page after it says "You've Qualified!" or do they just ship the product? Its been about 2 weeks since I sent my voucher and I haven't seen anything yet.


12-04-2006 21:23:09

they change it, i'd send another one if I were you...


12-04-2006 21:24:03

Yes they do. After they update ur account, it changes into "Current Status Fulfillment In Progress". And post in the Nuitech thread next time.
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12-04-2006 21:31:19

[quote9f13c1ac2d="x323smostwantedx"]And post in the Nuitech thread next time.[/quote9f13c1ac2d]

Good call, i was too fucking tired to even think about that, bed time peace


13-04-2006 07:57:39

For a forum as well organized as this one, you guys sure go out of your way to post without any regard for order.