Now rewardsvenue is shutting down

Live forum:


11-04-2006 17:01:20

I guess metarewards is toast...

yourbillspaid also

Are they offering different (read new) sites or are they just going to coordinate advertising for others???????????????

UniPrize Media

11-04-2006 18:08:22

They are closing their whole incentive operation. I started yourbillspaid like 6 month ago and I am stuck on the last page. They have like 7 offers on there and its impossible to complete it. They are just going to phase out without letting people finish their sites. This is gay.


11-04-2006 20:53:12

I sent my vouchers in for RV two weeks ago. I hope all goes fine still. Yes, I know their site says I'll be fine, but you never know.


16-04-2006 18:28:29

Crap that's not good