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08-04-2006 11:41:43

What is the best and fastest site for a laptop. Not apple.


08-04-2006 11:58:50

Nuitech is the fastest for anything...


08-04-2006 19:13:11

[quote36352d0619="Wolfeman"]Nuitech is the fastest for anything...[/quote36352d0619]

Yup, anything else takes a while, but is usually a bit lighter on the offer side.


08-04-2006 22:09:56

What's the lightest offerwise site where I might find a macbook?....Bootcamp is making a mac look very appealing to even a windows guy...

Anyway I'm working on onlinerewardcenter for a plasma, and the offers are becoming draining...I have 5 more I need to credit...3 of which I did ) 2 more platinums to do ( Oh'll be worth the plasma in the end )


09-04-2006 09:25:00

yea i'm looking for a good site to get a macbook pro as well. right now i'm using you have to do 18 offers, right now i've only done 3, but i just started yesterday. and i'm scared of a bunch of the other offers because a lot of them sound really sketchy. but we'll see.


09-04-2006 12:33:11

do you have a link?...i can only get to their redemption status page