Tips For NOt Getting Scammed

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08-04-2006 11:17:14

I am using to get a free macbook pro and this is the first time I've done this. I've already completed Video Professor, Bargain Network Homes, and Acitpril.

Does anyone have any good tips for not getting scammed? Should I use my check card, or should I use paypal? Also, what are some companies I should stay away from?

And what is this all about (from the help section)

Do I have to pay taxes on the gift?

We have to report gifts in the amount of over $600 to the IRS as having been given to you. We must obtain your SSN to do so. Federal and state tax authorities may consider this income. You can find out more information about this at

How much in taxes should I expect to pay? Also, is it legit or I guess safe, to just give them my social security number?

Any help is needed.

Thanks so much.


08-04-2006 11:38:14

The best way to not get scammed is to keep track of your offers and cancel them on time. The only company that's charged me after I cancelled was LeanLifePM. You should stay away from them and their other sites.

As for taxes, you will have to give them your SSN if you want the gift. The amount you're paying will depend on you tax bracket. You can look that up here



08-04-2006 11:40:27

Also, I don't think you can really use paypal to do offers. If you have the paypal debit card, that works, but most offers don't accept paypal. be sure to watch what you sign up for, and read the TOS!

LeanLifeRx is an evil one as well.

Also, prepaid debit cards work for these sites...and are worth the 5 extra bucks it takes to get one. good luck!


08-04-2006 11:43:55

where can i get a prepaid debit card at?


08-04-2006 11:44:51

I've been reading and I'm not gonna sign up for Ultima Patch, Leanlife PM, Whiteovernight, Cheatandeat, Leanlook Rx, or Burn Fat2. Any other suggestions?


08-04-2006 11:49:44

It looks like you got them all...just be careful.

you can get a card at Advanced America and a couple of banks


08-04-2006 11:53:13

alright thanks a lot man.

also, does anyone know anything about is it a good site to do it on, will i get it fast, will they rip me off?


08-04-2006 11:58:26

I don't like where this thread is going. Its borderline so I'm going to stop it before it starts...