Incentive Reward Center, Any info is appreciated.

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06-04-2006 11:55:21

Last week i logged into an account that i made before that only needed 6 offers for the sony vaio. I completed the 6 offers and sent in the voucher last thursday. According to my tracking number it was delivered Saturday. When i log into IRC it still says they have not received the voucher. Any one with experience know how long it takes for them to get it and process it? Is there a number i should call or email i should use to check on it? Thanks.


06-04-2006 12:15:05

Please post in a Nui-Tech thread, we don't like extra threads when unnecessary... It should be updated soon...


06-04-2006 12:30:12

There is a delay sometimes. Call support after 2 weeks. Find an appropriate thread next time...