Icard problem :( Help!

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05-04-2006 20:21:14

I got my card and called custoer service who activated it for me. I went to use it tonight and it wont let me let alone check the balence. So i called to see if it was activated and tried using my last 4 digits of the phone number and it says cant be verified. WTF!!!


05-04-2006 20:35:28

maybe they put in a typo on ur phone number


05-04-2006 20:39:51

yes but the CS for Icard when i talked to her asked for the card # and pin and said thanks. The card is now activated


06-04-2006 08:31:08

I would be calling them again...sounds like something is messed up


06-04-2006 10:30:12

What do you think we can do? Obviously call customer support. I've never had to call to activate any of my iCards...


06-04-2006 11:08:05

I dont remember having to call and activate them either.