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02-04-2006 12:06:24

Hello i want to do another nuitech site but i have been reading a lot of threads about offers that scam you. I dont want to get scammed so i want to know which offers are shady. This is the list i know that is hard to talk to or gives random wrong charges
Ultima Patch

Any other scamming offers?


02-04-2006 15:55:19

ultima patch actually has worked perfect for me. You just have to be on the ball, and call before ur trials to do the you know what. A prepaid giftcard is always a sure way to prevent being scammed. --not fraud u jackasses, im talking about not getting unjustly charged.


02-04-2006 18:37:01

probably only seconds before this thread is locked... but

has anybody done Lean Look RX??? i heard some crazy bad stuff about their terms, and got scared (but i have already completed it).

unknown uchiha

02-04-2006 19:19:55

megotcash, you're effed.

LeanLookRX is done by the SAME company as Cheat and Eat, White Over Nite, and Burn Fat 2.

I pray that you used a prepaid or Paypal card... or cancel your card ASAP.


02-04-2006 20:26:17

...yeah, that's what i heard. ( they charge you like $100 no matter what or somehing, right? nonetheless, i am cancling the cc tomorrow anyways. the company is bein' a bunch of a holes.

what the hell is the use of a $3.95 "free trial". jerk faces


02-04-2006 23:34:46

yeah i got fucked by them, i think it was like the only time i didnt read the T and C carefully and it says you have to stay for the first NONREFUNDABLE shipment, 100 bucks.


03-04-2006 08:28:04

How about thus one they charged me for leanlifepm shipment then charded me like 40 bucks for more of here crap that i havent recieved and never ordered for that matter.


03-04-2006 08:47:41

Ya....all of those up there, besides whiteovernight, just word there TOS crazy wicked don't they. I know cheatandeat is pretty tricky or so says my friend who was just charged over $100.00 I guess if your going to be doin these sites you must really sharpen your eye for those "small text" spots....


03-04-2006 10:15:13

^ well, my CC is canceled (needed to be done anyways) we will see what happens. D


07-04-2006 05:36:17

has anyone signed up for one of these infamous company's products and then never gotten the free sample, while they try to charge you at the same time? WTF


07-04-2006 06:24:37

^no, but one time i got lucky and got credit for an offer, but when i called them, they said i never had an account. plus, i didn't get charged. it owned.

are you sure you had the right adress and stuff like that?


07-04-2006 12:09:44

[quote6ae78455c3="nobody2000"]has anyone signed up for one of these infamous company's products and then never gotten the free sample, while they try to charge you at the same time? WTF[/quote6ae78455c3]

I got charges for C cream or something that i never signed up for and havent recieved anything yet. im still fighting that battle. next time its all gift cards


08-04-2006 01:43:48

I just used paypal account )

Keep funds under $50 at all times and goodluck charging the account. Get denied each time


08-04-2006 07:08:42

Well, if you do use paypal and you get free money, then good luck with getting that money out of there quick. Companies autocharge, and I think it links to your credit.