Accounts and W-9

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01-04-2006 19:41:19

This has been on my mind for some time and needs answering.

Can I have more than one account at my address with different name only if i complete one though. Cause i signed up for a shopper-offer gift with my email and remembered it takes away offers since i used that email for computer-offer, so i used a different email with my brothers name. Same address though. Now will they flag me if i complete the one in my brothers name and just dont touch mine.

Also if i have sites over $500 signed up under my grandfather and friends address's, when i complete the site must i send in a w-9 with thier SSN# etc?

And Lastly, Ive thought about using my address for a site with an APT# then signing up for same site again with same address with a different apt#. Would this work since my house doesnt have apartments??

01-04-2006 20:46:03


Its like, but without scambuster - just fraud!

(just kidding - I don't know if they really check into the w9 forms - I'm sure you could get away with sending yours in as long as you actually planned on reporting it)


01-04-2006 21:37:46

I wouldn't send in W-9s with bad info. considering its tax fraud. Do sites for yourself and stop being so greedy...