different laptop recieved from nuitech

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31-03-2006 16:23:16

i did consumerincentivepromotions for the generic laptop and found out through this site that it was an acer 3003 but mine came today and it is a lenovo 3000 c100. i think ICR will be the same laptop so i just wanted to inform everyone one what they might be getting now


31-03-2006 16:45:40

Are the specs as good or better? I'd take a ThinkPad any day over an Acer, so that would be a good thing... assuming I had actually done that site. )


31-03-2006 18:05:23

Does anyone know if they are still sending out the Vaio at BigWin? I heard they are not, but nothing confirmed... my 45 days is up on the 4th...


01-04-2006 12:19:34

its pretty much the same as the acer as far as specs go.


01-04-2006 17:02:08

Yeah, but a thinkpad is a zillion times better then an Acer quality wise. You probably got a laptop that cost upwards of $400 more.


01-04-2006 17:03:09

The generic "laptop" ones have been pretty crappy from what I've heard...


01-04-2006 17:12:58

yeah, i heard they were crappy too. can you give us some sort of guess-timate retail value?


01-04-2006 18:52:28

Supposed to be $650 or so, but I would not pay more than $300. Low RAM, slow Proc, low storage, no wireless inet.


01-04-2006 18:54:56

Where did you hear that bigwin is not sending out that vaio because that's what im expecting to come in


01-04-2006 22:08:14

[quote8282ec8dea="Gigante"]Supposed to be $650 or so, but I would not pay more than $300. Low RAM, slow Proc, low storage, no wireless inet.[/quote8282ec8dea]



01-04-2006 22:28:04

[quote532b6ccbbb="Gigante"]Supposed to be $650 or so, but I would not pay more than $300. Low RAM, slow Proc, low storage, [b532b6ccbbb]no wireless inet[/b532b6ccbbb].[/quote532b6ccbbb]

What's the point in offering them at all?? shock


02-04-2006 18:38:30

^because laptops are cool? haha, i don't know why they give those out, but i guess some people complete them.


02-04-2006 22:49:23

supposedly the laptop i received retails for $599 and it has wireless internet, dvd/cdrw, 1.8 ghz celeron m, 40gb hd, 256mb ram. as far as my needs go this is just fine, i have a desktop for the graphics and gaming and such. and if anyones curious it stays pretty cool and the fan only came on when i played a dvd and had it sitting on my bed (so not well ventilated) and even then i couldnt even really here it. It supposedly gets 5 hours of battery life but i havent tested that yet. It also has a memory card reader slot. so for only having to do 3 offers it aint too shabby