Plasma: All of my Group Requirements have been completed!

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30-03-2006 12:32:05

Yes! I just checked my account a few minutes ago and the offers that I did yesterday were approved today (in ONE day). I've been approved on all 8 needed offers plus one D. Just waiting on them to approve one of my referrals offers.

This is for PlasmaTV4Free. Check out my blog by clicking on website or banner, whichever. I've put the timeline of events on there and everything. Still updating. This is awesome! And my mom's birthday is this month, too. Perfect gift.

I'll keep y'all posted.

Let me know if you want to join under one of my referrals. I will also do what I can to help you get your referral, too.

Alright! woot



30-03-2006 12:42:39

You coulda posted in your original PlasmaTV4Free thread. And you're not getting your TV this month, or April for that matter, sorry.


30-03-2006 13:00:14

Kevross, wouldn't that be thread-hijacking or something? I'm also trying to get referrals for my referrals and so on.



30-03-2006 13:00:32

Yeah, you have to receive, fill out, and mail in your certs and W9, then wait for them to be accepted and approved. THEN it will be 6-8 weeks at best before they ship your TV. You're probably looking at 3 months minimum before you see a TV, provided no glitches in processing between now and then.


30-03-2006 13:05:39

You guys are so negative. Why couldn't you say that you were happy for me to balance it out. Dang! Anything's possible.



30-03-2006 13:06:11

Yeah we don't need dedicated threads each time someone finishes a site. There is a brag bag thread...