Is FYDirect dead?

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29-03-2006 10:38:26

Has anyone tried to complete an offer since the cc offers went into effect? I definetly don't think 3+ cc are worth $1000 or a good gift...Just my thoughts. Since YFD is basically done, what others sites are "user-friendly" (no OODs)? Thanks


29-03-2006 10:46:04

pretty much i-deal...but they're under suspision for being a scam and dqing it's not the most trusted site. most of thier sites are 8 offers w/ one ref to do the a lot of people are just doing a conga so everyone get's thier gift.

but other that YFDirect you got NuiTech and i-deal....not much to choose from


29-03-2006 11:52:18

There are plenty of companies running DIY sites but they are risky until proven legit. YFDirect isn't dead and I'm sure they will put some non CC OOD up sometime soon.


29-03-2006 18:04:39

Lets all hope so! My credit score can't suffer just because I want a "free" gift...