question about w-9's in general, can they see your age?

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27-03-2006 20:23:13

I assume that many people that do free sites are under 18 as i myself am, id o it in my dad's name. but, my friend did two diy sites all in his name, cuz he has a debit card in his name, all offers completed, but when he sends in the w-9, can they see the age from that form? or no? example, when the company gets his w-9 form, will they be able to see taht he is under 18 or no?


27-03-2006 20:30:06

I dont think they can they can submit it to the irs but the irs handles it they dont return anything saying the age of the user and even if they did it would take alot longer than 45 days


27-03-2006 20:31:54

No, they do not. My dad is a CPA, and told me all they do is report to the IRS that this should be included in your income or whatever.


27-03-2006 20:32:58

so, you don't think they can tell the age? i was looking at the forms, there's no spot for d.o.b. don' tthink they can tell the age?

and what do you mean? they don't send these to the irs? where do they send them? or do they just keep them for later?


27-03-2006 20:36:00

You put your SSN, not your DOB.


27-03-2006 20:39:31

dude, there are 2 other topics at least already made about the W-9, you should really post in one of those...


27-03-2006 22:02:54

This is getting retarded. If you aren't 18 or older just figure it out. I'm sick of helping people that technically shouldn't be doing these sites. You guys need to try to figure some stuff out for yourselves...