What is with this...?

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27-03-2006 11:08:02

What is with this?

"You're almost done!

Please take a few moments to respond to our Special Survey below. You Must Keep Going To Qualify For Your Gift!

Tip Check "Yes" to get great FREE STUFF & Special Deals - As Many as You Wish!

[b0837e4782a] Yes No Are you of legal smoking age? Are you a smoker? [/b0837e4782a]
Note This offer has no affect on my free gift.

So, I am legal age, but not a smoker....what am I suppose to say?


27-03-2006 11:15:39

What... If your talk'n pollprizeusa and what not u can skip thos offers man... Top right corner "Skip additional offer" if u are seriously wondering cuz your interested....CLICK NO


27-03-2006 11:26:17

it's for everyfreegift.com


27-03-2006 11:39:21

just say no to everything. so much quicker


27-03-2006 11:47:48



27-03-2006 12:45:41

still dude that is the biggest noob question ever, it is just an OPTIONAL survey, answer no on all of the stuff unless you are actually interested and then you should hit a page that has a bunch of those questions on it and at the bottom it should say skip and just hit that button, if you cant ever find a skip key just put no on all of the offers unless you actually want them to spam your email full of that crap.


27-03-2006 12:59:04

yeah, complete the survey and get on with it! the surveys are just a way the companies can make a couple extra bucks. so, do the survey and you get to the pages to complete offers for prizes.


27-03-2006 13:45:05