Help me on Yourchoicerewards

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27-03-2006 11:05:22

I am not sure if this is allowed but I am kind of desperate. I really need someone to be my ref on yourchoicerewards, it is a 42" plasma, and yes I know there is already a thread on this site and there is a conga there but I was on the conga and one of the first to sign up but my ref, kyks17, will not respond to my pm's and she has not completed the site and I really REALLY need a ref there and I am willing to pay you to complete the site as my ref. pm me


27-03-2006 17:43:31

Get a friend or something...


27-03-2006 17:53:46

Yeah this isn't allowed. If you really want, make a thread in the trading section and offer to pay someone...