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26-03-2006 07:02:39

Hey, I've done several referral based sites, and recently I decided to try a DIY site (Plasmas.OnlineRewardCenter to be exact). Anyhow, I read Gigante's FAQ (very helpful, by the way) and was surprised to read that most offers credit within 24 hours. I got credit for 8 of my 18 offers within 24 hours; 10 of my offers still haven't been credited. I did all the offers in one sitting on internet explorer. I have been billed for all the offers. I am confused as to why I have been billed but not credited for 10 of the offers. Has anyone else had an experience like this (being credited for some but billed for all? If so, do share. Should I expect to get credit for them within a week or so or should I be prepared to seek manual credit? Hopefully this is an adequate first post that won't get locked or moved or anything.


26-03-2006 07:12:14

Nuitech offers are pretty reliable. I just had 7 of my 8 credit from last week. I think 3 were instant, then the others went within 2 days. I will wait 4 weeks for manual credit on my last.

Just save your confirmation emails and you'll be fine. Often times Nuitech will mark your account as Shipping when they receive your proof in the mail, so it kinda skips the step of sending in a voucher. Good luck


26-03-2006 11:43:39

They have about 8 or 10 instant offers and the rest will take 1+ days to credit. They credit every morning.


26-03-2006 13:01:06

A lot of offers bill before they credit. You have to wait 30 days for manual credit. Every now and then an offer doesn't credit but I'd say just be more patient...