link to all the NuiTech sites

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23-03-2006 23:58:08

Is there a list for all the links of the NuiTech sites somewhere? I saw a list of offers.. but not actual links.


24-03-2006 00:19:43

NuiTech doesnt allow that, thats why they removed the lists.


24-03-2006 01:26:06

aww ok thanks! so odd though.. why would they not allow that??


24-03-2006 03:31:27

because their offer ammount/expense of gift ratio is wacky
6 offers on some NuiTech sites will get you a $25 gift card but on other
NuiTech sites 6 offers will get you $500 visas. They dont want you to see a super large list of offers because then yo will only go for the gifts with the most value and the least ammount of offers. wink


24-03-2006 11:45:55

yah, i am doing 8 offers for this small coach handbag. then, i found another site of theirs that has 6 or 8 offers for a nice bigger one with a wallet!! o wells.


24-03-2006 12:27:20

Yeah like Junior said, they don't allow it shrug