plasma site which one is the best

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23-03-2006 07:32:08

i have been searching around for the best plasma site to do, ive found a lot of diffrent ones, which one is the best

i found a plasma site from http// its 11 offers but u have to do

E-LOAN Auto/Motorcycle
Try Russ Dalbey's "Winning In The Cash Flow Business" System

those are the only 3 offers on alst page and u have to do 3 from that page so if one doesnt credit u are SOL

i also found a metareward site thats 11 offers but u have do 7 offers from last page. and a lot are credit cards. i dont know where link went

heres all the plasma sites i found
These requirements include but are not limited to the completion of nine (9) sponsor offers,one (1) offer from Premier Offers Group One (1), two (2) offers from Premier Offers Group Two (2), and six (6) offers from Premier Offers Group Three (3).

42" Panasonic Plasma TV (8)

18 offers

Membership requirements include the completionli of one sponsor offer from group 1, two sponsor offers from group 2, and six sponsor offers from group 3
the offers are all credit card for the yfdirect one so it wouldnt be hard do all 6 of those but i realy dont want to sign up for 6 credit cards i hate them i get enough sent to me already


23-03-2006 07:44:41

Looks like another I-deal site


23-03-2006 07:57:37

I don't think it's I-Deal. Completely differently layout than all other I-Deal sites I've seen, which are virtually clones of each other. Plus I haven't seen OOD's on page 3 of I-Deal sites yet, and those are definitely OOD's. Gotta run to a meeting now and don't have time to dig further, but I'm sure by the time I get back somebody will have reported who they are.


23-03-2006 13:46:08

Looks kind of ConsumerGain-y to me.

Jury is still out on them.

I dont know how you could do two car loans -- the loans have to be funded to get credit.


24-03-2006 09:00:22

No its Rewards gateway or what ever they are called. I did them for 6 offers for 500 bucks but i cant even get into my account. they have a number but they will hang up on you and tell you that it is noty them. and they dont answer emails eather. Good luck with that


24-03-2006 10:15:21

rewardsgateway and consumergain are the same company, I think


28-03-2006 21:34:47

is any good? I'm going to start that site because it has no ODD.