wth! wont send me approval email?!

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16-03-2006 18:19:34

Hello i did this site back in november. Got approved in jan and to this day it has not sent me a approval email when i click approval. I clicked it well over 100 times by now, emailed support 2 months ago and have yet to receive a response. Its a yfdirect site and i want to know the phone # if possible so i can get my gift!

There better not be a friggin w-9 for a 50$ giftcard


16-03-2006 19:27:48

of course there's no w-9 for a $50 gift card...what were you thinking? i think there's a phone number around here somewhere where you can call YFD. try looking around here



22-03-2006 11:33:47

still cant find it


22-03-2006 11:36:53

Just email them. They are quick to get back to you. Other YF questions go here