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16-03-2006 10:40:05

i'm having problems with them sending me emails. I'm approved on 5/6 for the 1k visa cash card. the 6th offer should go "approved" in the next couple of days. Now i'm trying to print out my certs.

I know the initial links they are supposed to "send you" never actually get sent, but i've had problems in the past of people not being able to send me emails through the account i have (i time i'm getting a gmail account) I even sent in a support thingie throught the "concact us" part of thier web site, but i havn't heard anything from them either, which led me to believe it's my email

So my question is this If they can't send any emails to me, how do i manually go to the voucher redemption pages for all my offers. Like what url addresses can i type in to be able to print them out? If you can help me, that'd be great.

oh and if what i'm thinking dosn't exist, could somebody give the the phone # to them as well? thanks


16-03-2006 11:24:18

There is a thread dedicated to YFDirect questions

When its time to print out your certs just email them or call them and they'll send them. I'd wait until all 6 are approved. For whatever reason there emails don't seem to automate well...