Manual Credit

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14-03-2006 21:20:05

Trying this question again. . .

Has anyone requested and received manual credit after waiting 30 days? Someone said a few days ago that they refused his request. I just wondered if anybody had been able to get it or not.

It sounds like most people are doing extra offers when they have done some that haven't been credited. I have 3 that haven't been credited after 10 days. I don't want to give up, but I don't even have a referral yet (I think I'm like 6th in line) so I don't want to do extra offers if I'm not going to get a referral anyway. So. . . I'm really wishing that manual credit would be given since I saved the confirmation emails from the offers.


14-03-2006 22:33:53

You need to post this in the appropriate thread...