any straight DIY I-Deal sites left?

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14-03-2006 09:53:13

any there any DIY I-Deal sites left? Ones that need NO referrals?


14-03-2006 10:47:22

all ideal sites require referalls to my knowledge.


14-03-2006 10:53:47

Either I'm just really against I-Deal, but I can't see why anyone would do any more I-Deal sites until someone actually gets their gift.


14-03-2006 11:33:12

I am not, im sticking with just one


14-03-2006 11:48:50

[quote7402ae3551="williebeamin2000"]I am not, im sticking with just one[/quote7402ae3551]

does this mean you wont be completing the site ur my ref on?


14-03-2006 12:49:24

no i am doing that one too dont worry, i meant too i just forgot the csc one was ideal for a second.