Bad Day

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10-03-2006 23:58:35

I was all happy today because yesterday I sent in my certs for the nuitech ibook and I am suppose to be getting my 500 dollar toy-offer gc within the next few days but then I get home and I see two packages in the mail box and one is from urban nutrition center and the other is from tlsciences and they are both FULL MONTH SUPPLIES which means i had to pay like 45 for one and 60 for the other, so I got online to check my bank statement and sure enough those dicks charged me after I cancelled a long time ago, I know this has been discussed before but what is the best way to actually get my money back and not get store credit. this is a bunch of crap i am 1000 percent i cancelled them i even went to the autocancel link on each of the sites and both of the sites said i no longer had an account with them, so idk waht to do, advice would be worshiped at this moment.


11-03-2006 00:20:50

Got a cancelation #?


11-03-2006 00:23:15

Well, if you're sure you cancelled, then first try to get your money back from the companies. If that doesn't work then I would dispute the charges with my credit card company.


11-03-2006 01:31:54

You should always get a cancelation number so this doesn't happen or you can fight it. Other than that, cancelation isn't allowed to be talked about here...