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10-03-2006 18:13:01

I received an iPod Nano from nuitech (2 gigs). I am pretty sure I have read somewhere that you can call the apple store or something and do an upgrade...anyone else heard of this or know how I can do this? I tried to find it on their "user friendly" site, and its so dumbified I can't find anything ( Thanks in advance for any help.

unknown uchiha

10-03-2006 18:18:22

There are a number of topics dealing with this around the forums, you just have to search for them.

Anyways, make sure you have not opened the item yet. It isn't really an "exchange" or "upgrade". Simply walk in there, tell them you got the iPod Nano as a gift but would like to exchange it for one of higher capacity and pay the difference. It all depends on who you ask and whether or not they decide to give you the exchange or not.


10-03-2006 18:26:03

You can do this, but this isn't the correct forum for this discussion.