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08-03-2006 17:38:24

Why did they close this site...i had offers that were in progress....i hope i can still get my gift...i guess i need to call in 2moro


08-03-2006 17:49:29

They gave people enough time to finish...


08-03-2006 17:54:39

[quote4cb73e3d11="Gigante"]They gave people enough time to finish...[/quote4cb73e3d11]

Not me, i'm supposed to be sending certs in like 2 weeks... i'll give them a call when I wake up tomorrow and see if I still get it...

Also, I would take a screenshot of anyfreegift, just in case they close it down ti, it is around the same time frame..


08-03-2006 18:07:22

[quote78ce4465d6="Gigante"]They gave people enough time to finish...[/quote78ce4465d6]
I didnt even know there was a time frame


08-03-2006 18:13:34

[quote585dcc0cef="Gigante"]They gave people enough time to finish...[/quote585dcc0cef]

In my opinion giving time to finish would mean they shut down sign ups 60 days from the close date, if you have got your certs by then, you'll get your gift, if not, then you r out...


08-03-2006 18:41:09

Hmm, I wonder if AFG is going down too.


08-03-2006 18:44:47

[quotef4720af9f5="hyperboarder"]Hmm, I wonder if AFG is going down too.[/quotef4720af9f5]

Wouldn't doubt it, thats why i'd take a screen shot, it might help in case they do...


08-03-2006 18:46:34

Yeah so when did they do that? My offers just went in progress the other day. I guess this would mean I won't be receiving anything from them.... Is this even legal to do? What the hell? I'm definitely pretty pissed off right now. If they were planning on closing, than why did they let me sign up to receive my free ipod? They will sure get an earfull tomorrow.....


08-03-2006 18:48:38

They may still have everyone's account on record, the site was out of date (saying I signed up for a 15GB 3rd Gen Ipod) so I figured they would close sometime, just not in the way they did. I'll call and find out first thing tomorrow... As of now, i'm asuming they have the accounts on their system, and if you did it you are sitll eligable to get your gift, just won't be able to see your account...


08-03-2006 18:54:47

I sure hope that's the case. I mean I just signed up for their site like 4 or 5 days ago, but still I did what was required, and now they should hold up their end of the deal.....


08-03-2006 21:46:55

Didn't they announce months ago that they were closing that site?


08-03-2006 21:49:03

[quotef763be042e="Gigante"]Didn't they announce months ago that they were closing that site?[/quotef763be042e]

That'd be news to me, I have never heard anything about it... Idk why they'd allow sign ups if they knew they were closing, that'd be a little misleading... oh well, I shall find out tomorrow )


08-03-2006 21:58:00

[quote0fc19f3646="Gigante"]Didn't they announce months ago that they were closing that site?[/quote0fc19f3646]

If they did, it sure doesn't help me a member of 6 days....

They should still definitely have to follow through with their part of deal without question. It shouldn't be an issue for people who already had their certificates and sent them in, but it will be more tough for me who was only in progess. Maybe this will just speed up the process of me actually getting something....


08-03-2006 21:58:19

great, i signed up last week...

where'd you see that they were closing, gigante? they shouldn't have let people sign up if they were closing!


08-03-2006 22:00:53

[quoteba8dd62e5f="paulleywaulley"]Maybe this will just speed up the process of me actually getting something....[/quoteba8dd62e5f]

That is my main hope (i'm trying to think of the best) That they say, yes we will honor it, we will be shipping out all of the gifts people were in progress for within the next 2 weeks... not likley, but I can dream D


09-03-2006 00:05:10

So which DIY sites can we expect or suspect of closing in the near future, at least in response or congruence to this?


09-03-2006 07:38:45

anyfreegift is the only other one I would think, Offergift and AnyFreeGift were both way out of date... we will see what is going to happen in 20 Min, I think that is when they open...


09-03-2006 09:35:45

I just called and they said they would be honoring the gifts if you signed up for offers, I don't know if you had to sign up for all the offers needed, or just start them, He found my account, told me the date of sign up so I would have 45 days wait from then...


09-03-2006 11:12:37

That's good to know. I'm going to call them just to verify my information with them. I learned a lesson with this though, that I started to do last night. I saved screen shots of the 3 sites that I've completed and my status is "In Progress" so that just in case another site decides to shut down, they can't screw me by not having proof of the completion of offers. If you don't already do this, it might be a good idea to start.....


09-03-2006 11:20:58

Good.. i was hoping for a mini ipod (i know, i know) but if they send me a nano, I'm fine with it.

cost me 3 bux.


09-03-2006 12:10:57

Same here, I just signed up last week at AnyFreeGift for an iPod Mini.


09-03-2006 12:15:10

Just finally got through to them. Told them the situation, and they looked up that account. They said at the 45 mark, to give them a call back, and they will take care of sending out the certs to me, or at least sending me an email with the links for the certs. They said the difference is that I will just have to check status with them instead of being able to do it online.....


05-04-2006 15:37:00

I called them about a week ago and forgot to post about it...

It was my 45 day mark, so i called to have them send certs. He took my info, had me verify my email/phone number and everything and told me I would be put on the shipping list D, Not sure if that means in 45 days (from then) I'll have my Video Ipod or if I will have it any day now! But no certs to be shipped, and now W-9 asked for D


05-04-2006 15:45:00

Nice, i cant wait till i reach the 45 day mark...glad i jumped on this site....3 offers for a video ipod not bad


05-04-2006 15:46:07

Which one was OfferGift? I know its YFDirect but what did they have?


05-04-2006 15:50:17

Small stuff, ps2's, xbox's, ipod mini's, a few cameras, all 3 offer stuff.


05-04-2006 15:52:01

[quote20bcb0eea9="hyperboarder"]Small stuff, ps2's, xbox's, iPod mini's, a few cameras, all 3 offer stuff.[/quote20bcb0eea9]
Ah I remember. Pissed I didn't jump on it shrug


05-04-2006 16:30:45

[quoted6df5cab49="Wolfeman"][quoted6df5cab49="hyperboarder"]Small stuff, ps2's, xbox's, iPod mini's, a few cameras, all 3 offer stuff.[/quoted6df5cab49]
Ah I remember. Pissed I didn't jump on it shrug[/quoted6df5cab49]

I think lots were 2 offer things, ps2 xbox mini's were all 2 offers I think... is still available tho, should have my nano very soon!


05-04-2006 17:31:29

[quote4a7727b079="tjwor"][quote4a7727b079="Wolfeman"][quote4a7727b079="hyperboarder"]Small stuff, ps2's, xbox's, iPod mini's, a few cameras, all 3 offer stuff.[/quote4a7727b079]
Ah I remember. Pissed I didn't jump on it shrug[/quote4a7727b079]

I think lots were 2 offer things, ps2 xbox mini's were all 2 offers I think... is still available tho, should have my nano very soon![/quote4a7727b079]

Offergift was all 3 offers, anyfreegift is all 2. Both are outdated.


05-04-2006 22:12:56

Yeah I was asked for my W-9 some 2 weeks ago, and I already sent that in. Since the closing of their site, they went ahead and sent the certs in for me internally, so they were received as of 3/10. Once they "receive" my W-9 than it must be approved and then 4-5 weeks til it's nano time. This will be my first prize ever, so I am pretty excited about it. Kind of pissed off I didn't realize that you could get a video iPod for the same amount of offers, oh well, I'll just take it to my closest apple store and pay the extra $50 to upgrade.....