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06-03-2006 11:23:41

where is the nuitech master list. I can't find it. If its gone can someone give me a link to the 6 offer ipod.


06-03-2006 11:25:43

I dont have a link but im sure this thread will get locked because this is being discussed on all the other nuitech threads, so I would advise looking around before a mod or tjwor go's off on you. The nuitech master list got taken down befores it didn't fall within the compliance of nuitechs terms. They were getting to much traffic directed from this site is what I heard.


06-03-2006 11:32:52

I'm not sure why Gigante took down the master list but it might be because of Nuitech's terms, it might be because so many were out of date. I'll look into it...


06-03-2006 11:34:33

yeah thats what I remember hearing


06-03-2006 12:20:26

nuitech said that it was against their terms to create a list of all Offers.

nonetheless, you can check this one out


06-03-2006 14:19:32

Yeah all of the stickied master lists are gone.

UniPrize Media

06-03-2006 14:35:01

Will, what do you have against Tj? Niutech is not going to complain about traffic it gets. If thats the case the one at would have been taken off a long time ago. Gigante just got scared or something.


06-03-2006 14:38:05 lets a lot of retarded things go so comparing us to them isn't right...


06-03-2006 14:42:48

[quote28c7dcb7e5="Wolfeman"] lets a lot of retarded things go so comparing us to them isn't right...[/quote28c7dcb7e5]very true

and to answer the other question about tj, he is just a kid, who IS 18 that is a senior at my highschool with me and he gives me a shit all the time cuz he has gotten more free stuff than me, but I just tell him that its cuz he has no life and thats all he does and I have to work like 25 hours a week at red lobster and go to school so I dont have as much time to do this shit, idk he has just gotten on my nerves this last week, but mostly we are just screwing around with each other on here, same with megotcash.