Certificates or "Vouchers"

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04-03-2006 07:36:13

I'm about to start a DIY site, but I've heard all this stuff where you have to send out a voucher...

what exactly does that mean? I'm just worried that it would have to contain some ID or something....anyway someone please let me know, I want to get started on this ConsumerSavingCenter o


04-03-2006 07:48:13

Honestly, your contribution to FIPG is negative. By your post, you can tell you have read almost nothing and made no attempt to even guess at what a voucher is. You need to submit your Social Security Number. This thread is locked.


04-03-2006 10:49:06

I agree. You obviously haven't even attempted to read a sticky and if you aren't old enough to do these sites, I'd rather you not. There is enough problems lately without them getting 1000 15 year olds signed up...