Nuitech offer questions

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03-03-2006 20:02:24

hey, i was just checking out some offers on nuitech, becuase i plan on doing one of their sites soon. on page 2, i was looking at

My Daily Dose -$5.95

and the Seized and Unclaimed Property Auctions - $1

basically i want to know if they both credit instantly, and if anybody has had trouble using the sites, bad customer service, etc.



03-03-2006 20:11:34

come on john, you know better post in a Nui-Tech thread that is already started... horse


03-03-2006 20:18:02

damn, i'm turning into williebeamin2000


03-03-2006 20:54:19

Offers should only be done if you have a legitimate interest and discussing offers to see what is cheapest or credits fastest is not allowed here...