Is it possible....

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02-03-2006 11:38:11

Is it possible to request a check equivalent as a replacement gift from incentive reward center?


02-03-2006 11:51:21

What better way than to find out than to call them?


02-03-2006 12:20:57

My understanding is no. It can't hurt to email and ask but I think no is going to be the response...


02-03-2006 15:31:01

I remember someone did and got a $974 check instead of an ibook... i send an email request, and got an ibook... so idk what he said to get it...


02-03-2006 15:43:31

I remember too and I remember him being super lucky and the exception to the rule. You can call but during that same period they said no to me more than once...


02-03-2006 16:42:18

I was told not when I asked a while ago.


02-03-2006 16:43:31

They'll only do it if the gift is out of stock for a long time I think. It can't hurt to ask but don't get your hopes up...


02-03-2006 19:22:03

I asked a while back and they said the only way they would send a check out is if they could not fulfill getting you the gift.