Credit Card Offers

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28-02-2006 15:23:37

On the DIY sites like NuiTech, freepay, and, the last page offers seem to be mostly credit cards. What's the disadvantage of doing a credit card offer? I have good credit and don't want to hurt my credit score. What if I were to sign up for a credit card and then decide at some point down the road that a credit card isn't something I need? Will it affect my credit score if I make that decision? And have any of you gotten any decent gifts without having to pay out a lot of cash on the last page or sign up for credit card offers? Thanks!


28-02-2006 15:35:09

I would stray away from them as they take a while to get credit, Your not going to kill your score signing up for 1 or two but they just take forever to credit.
I usually on page three have done Southbeach, OBS or Earthlink.

REMEMBER and if you read the yf threads such as everyfreegift or msg etc you will see that you can complete any offers from any page as long as you do the total required. You can do all 6 or 8 or 10 on page one if you want.

THIS IS FOR YF DIRECT SITES ONLY. Tons of others will tell you the same thing so please refrain from calling if you are skeptical