Which of these 6 offers credits the quickest?

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28-02-2006 08:56:02

This concerns YFDirect sites.

I am in a situation where I need to find an offer that credits quickly. YFDirect did not give me manual credit for one of my offers, and so I need to do another and wait the 45 days.

Here are the offers I have available to me

The Good Cook
Entertainment Book
Passport to Fun
Ink Blvd.
HealthsaverŽ - Cash Back

Which of these would give close to instant credit? thank you


28-02-2006 09:00:15

Ink Blvd went quick for me, but your milage may very.


28-02-2006 09:07:14

Which offer did they not give you credit for? Why?


28-02-2006 09:21:29

Trimlife was not credited for me. YFDirect said I was supposed to be charged $5.95 by trimlife. For some reason, I was only charged $1.95, so I was not given credited. I appealed to them 2 times before I just dropped it and decided to do another offer. I have way too much at stake with them to quable over one offer. That doesn't mean, however, that I feel like I was treated fairly.

It's funny, I wanted to ask them, "how much does trimlife give you per referral? Let me just send you a check for that amount, and we can get on with our lives."

I have 5 certficates for a gift that is for 6 offers, so I really need an offer that credits quickly so I can put my mind at ease. thanks for the replies


28-02-2006 09:26:41

wasn't this here before????


nonetheless, most of the offers don't take much more than 3 days. i would probably try Ink Blvd


28-02-2006 09:31:37

I felt my original post to this thread was significantly different than anything in that other thread. When I was asked why I was not given credit, yes, I did repeat what was already stated in the other thread.


28-02-2006 09:56:16

Don't make these kinds of posts. You should be signing up for offers you're interested in.