DIY for non-US residents

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24-02-2006 03:09:05


I was just wondering whether there are any DIY sites that accept non-US participants. In the requirements it usually says you can only participate if you're a legal US resident but then again if I type in my zip code it says everything's fine. I'm even able to select my country and all that stuff (e.g. on the IBM Laptop site). Boy, that'd really suck if I wasn't allowed to do DIY.

thx in advance


24-02-2006 13:27:41

You can sign up if u are non-us and I believe they "do" send out gifts too. But the hard thing will be completing the offers because most of them only accept US people.

I found that Premium Panel allows people from other countries.


26-02-2006 13:36:42

Mhm, thanks for the info. I'll try to go through the offers and see what I can do. I wrote an email to the incentivereward support as well and they told me non-US people weren't allowed in yet. lisighli