how does every one do so many offers on different sites?

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kingpin nyc

23-02-2006 10:04:21

isn't it mostly the same offers on all the sites (nuitech and yfdirect)?
do you do the same offer more than once?


23-02-2006 10:10:46

There are plenty of new offers on these DIY sites. You cannot complete an offer you've already done, with the exception of the shopping4money / driving4dollars offers, which allow you try them every 30 days, from what I've read.


23-02-2006 10:51:26

Some offers, like entertainment book, can be completed more than once. Most of the ones requiring a purchase instead of membership are good for multiple times.


23-02-2006 10:59:25

liEdited. No talking about fraud.


23-02-2006 13:08:17

You can do Video Professor twice.


23-02-2006 13:09:33


It's certainly Fraud. Don't Do It.