YFD offers

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20-02-2006 20:23:42

I'm doing the $1000 visa card site and one of the offers is 'Today's Escpapes' ...you sign up for the 7 day trial and they offer you a $25 gift card....but it says "..submit valid address and credit card information AND join the club!" to recieve credit on YFD....does this mean staying on past the free trial?


20-02-2006 21:35:32

You'll receive credit for joining....whether it be instant or slightly delayed a couple days...Then do with the membership as you please....


21-02-2006 11:33:40

for the offers with the "free $25 gift cards" they take a couple months to get around to sending the card the good thing is that if you call them and select to cancel your membership durring the trial the will offer to give you a years membership for 19.90 somthing then you can get the gift card and a years membership for 21. most of the memberships from these companyes are acctually good you can buy gift cards for %20 off so I have $500 in amazon giftcards that I bought for $400.