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20-02-2006 17:58:35

Nuitech Offers list credit time manual
FORMAT is [b36a943e62a]OFFER - HOW FAST(TRIAL TIME[if applicable] AND COST OF OFFER)[/b36a943e62a]

[u36a943e62a][b36a943e62a]INSTANT[/b36a943e62a][/u36a943e62a] - INSTANT(29day trial and $5 of free postage to use)
Southbeach - INSTANT($65 initially)
Actipril - INSTANT($5.95)
OnLingo - INSTANT($??)
Yourmusic - INSTANT($??)
Relaset - INSTANT($??)
Travelers Advantage - INSTANT($1)
Online business systems - INSTANT($??)

Earthlink - OVERNIGHT(Reported to take as long as 5 days,YMMV)
Cheat & Eat-overnight, SCAM OFFER(AVOID THIS OFFER LIKE THE PLAGUE unless you can't do anything else. This offer will cost you over $100 to do)

[b36a943e62a][u36a943e62a]50/50 Chance Offers[/u36a943e62a][/b36a943e62a]
Orexis 50/50 either its instant or its manual credit($6.95)
Freebidding 50/50 either its instant or manual credit($1)

[u36a943e62a][b36a943e62a]Time Lapsed Offers[/b36a943e62a][/u36a943e62a]
Bargain network-MAY take time to credit(possibly manual credit)NOT INSTANT CREDIT(1 week trial)
Miracle burn- MAY take time to credit(possibly manual credit)NOT INSTANT CREDIT($5.95)

Post your thoughts..thanks..I think there should be a sticky of this sort unless its banned against..?


20-02-2006 18:21:51

I say give it a few days, Earthlink which typically credits overnight took me like 5 days but it was finally approved.


20-02-2006 18:22:20

South Beach Overnight
Orexis Instant


21-02-2006 08:11:39

freebidding did not credit instant for me on the 6 offer ibook account at, yeah thats right i have a 6 offer account but freebidding hasnt credited and it had been about an hour.


21-02-2006 08:44:27

i believe OnLingo is overnight too...i was a bit worried that i would have to submit manual, but it showed up


21-02-2006 09:49:12

is consumerincentivepromotions a nuitech site?


21-02-2006 10:59:27



21-02-2006 13:00:35

Cheat & Eat-overnight, SCAM OFFER


22-02-2006 00:20:56

i did offers 2/13 for a nuitech site and three credited fast
travelers advantage, southbeach, online business systems.

the other three have not credited!! why?!! been 9 days
freebidding, bargain network, miracle burn.

so, i have to wait 30 days to request manual credit? and do you guys go through the email form or their phone number?


22-02-2006 10:12:14

UPDATEDPut it in categories and the trial time of offers and cost. What do you guys think of the new format, and can you guys help me complete the missing parts thanks!


22-02-2006 11:32:48

While I like the idea, I think this kind of thread is strictly forbidden by the owners of these sites, especially your post talks of cancelling.


22-02-2006 11:42:28

Has anybody ever done the Belisi Tie offer? It's not on


22-02-2006 12:09:31

bargain network has credited (10 days total). It costs $40 if you go over the one week trial.

yourmusic is $5.99.


22-02-2006 12:33:00

Relaset costs $5.95


22-02-2006 12:36:06

CompleteHome credited within 12 hours on EFG.


22-02-2006 12:38:09

listing how long it takes certain offers to credit isnt fair at all.
This is totally against nuitech terms and im pretty dissapointed in the people participating in this thread. THIS kind of nonsense is why DIY sites are getting harder and harder to finish


22-02-2006 12:44:39

On the contrary its a guide. I am sure many of you have completed these offers multiple times. So I think thats pretty dissappointing but I don't complain. You may go but I did it at my grandmas place or uncles place or whatever, its not them who completed the offers, its not them who put up the money, its you. I guess in the end its all about ethics. This is also to warn people about some offers which they would need to shell out more money for and what not so they are ready and prepared for it. Also my post doesn't talk about cancelling it just says how long the trials are and how much they cost.


22-02-2006 12:57:46

[quote9183dc9d9d="bsi4063"]Also my post doesn't talk about cancelling it just says how long the trials are and how much they cost.[/quote9183dc9d9d]

Yes it did, you've since edited the post.

Sorry bud, this thread is locked, and I highly recommend you delete the first post.