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19-02-2006 00:54:50

Yay? or Nay? Any one done this?


19-02-2006 01:10:56



19-02-2006 07:46:02

you will know why once you look at offers page 3...

Stableford Collections

Unique, handcrafted gifts appropriate for any occasion. Our high-quality product line will allow you to give everlasting treasures.
[b9a338cffee]$499 min. Purchase Required.[/b9a338cffee]

Rooms to Go Kids

Rooms to Go Kids specializes in value-priced kids' furniture, large selection, safety and style, Rooms To Go Kids delivers quality kids' furniture fast!
[b9a338cffee]$1,500 Minimum Purchase Required,[/b9a338cffee] credit received upon approval of delivery

Rail Europe

Its time for a great Fall getaway! At Rail Europe you can plan your Fall getaway with one of their great travel packages!
[b9a338cffee]Requires purchase of package for 2 (min. price $899/person)[/b9a338cffee]


19-02-2006 09:03:54

I really don't think those are too espensive. I mean, so what, you pay $2k. At least you get an iPod!


19-02-2006 09:24:29

haha 2k, from the look of those offers, its more like $3.5k after its all said and done. lol


19-02-2006 09:29:12

oh, thought you only had to do 2. $3.5k for a ipod nano is still good.


19-02-2006 09:34:38

haha...Unless of course those services really appeal to the...

Couple expecting a child who love the purchase of unique, handcrafted gifts via there web phone from a delecious train ride in the wonderfully beutiful fall scenes of Weastern Europe...