A few Questions

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16-02-2006 20:24:40

OK so I am thinking of doing bigwin.com for the powerbook. But I have a few questions first.
1.I think I figured out how much these offers will cost. is this correct and are they good?
Real Rhapsody-Free
AOL Spyware-Free
Video Professor-$7
Advantage Language-$7
Your Music-$6
Columbia House DVD-$12.40

2.On Video professor do you send the lessons back if you don't want them?

3.Same as above but for Advantage language

4.On Your Music is there a sign up fee? Do you have to buy a cd? Is there a certain amount you have to buy?
So can someone please answer my questions. Thanks


16-02-2006 20:29:59

Yes u do have to send them back or else youll get charged about 70 bucks.


16-02-2006 20:31:42

You must join Real Rhapsody as a paying member.


16-02-2006 21:11:09

Are you sure? It says RealRhapsody 14 Day Free Trial and nothing about joining as a member.


16-02-2006 21:25:42

how bout you post it in the BigWin thread so it doesn't add threads to the DIY area...


16-02-2006 21:41:32

Dil Chil, I think it would be better if you did offers that you are interested in and not the cheapest/easier to cancel. This is bad for the businesses involved and reflects badly on our forum.