Network Information (Which should I do next?)

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16-02-2006 18:34:55

This thread is for new people who are trying to find out where to start, or veterans looking for what to do next.

Network Name [bcf7faccd62]Nuitech[/bcf7faccd62]
Some Sites IncentiveRewardCenter, MyGreatRewards, MyExclusiveRewards, etc.
Offers Last pages has OOD offers consisting of Earthlink, Credit Cards, South Beach, Longevity, DirectTV and Orexis.
Crediting Very Fast. Half are instant and most within 24 hours. Offers are rarely not credited.
Shipping Shipping is within 30 days of them receiving your vouchers, and sits at around 3 weeks in most cases.
Total Time One month
Notes They have tons of sites, but been increasing their offer requirements. Their requirements seem to be leveling out, but who knows if they will mass-increase again, so signup on any deals you find to reserve a low offer requirement.
Phone (561) 674-9700
Location Delray Beach, FL 33446

Network Name [bcf7faccd62]YFDirect[/bcf7faccd62]
Some Sites EveryFreeGift, BigWin, MarketSurveyGroup, etc.
Offers Offers are considered inexpensive or “easy”. There are no OOD.
Crediting Crediting sits at around 80%, but if you don’t get credit, manual credit is 100%. Offers generally crediting within 1-3 days.
Shipping Shipping generally takes 2 months from when they receive your vouchers.
Total Time 4-5 months
Notes YFDirect has kept their low offer requirements, so jump on these offers while they are still available. I predict an increase in offer requirements in the next 1-3 months.
Phone (801) 316-0555
Toll Free (866) 383-3733
Fax (320) 388-9500
Location Mountain View, CA 94039

Network Name [bcf7faccd62]MetaReward[/bcf7faccd62]
Some Sites RewardsVenue, ConsumerPromotionCenter, ConsumerPromotionZone, etc.
Offers Offers become increasingly hard on the last pages, and are all OOD.
Crediting Many completed offers go uncredited.
Shipping Decent shipping, around 1-2 months after receiving your vouchers.
Total Time 2 months
Notes MetaReward has implemented a series rules to their TOS to keep people from completing multiple sites, or even completing one. While this network is still legitimate, it is not the most recommended network. Customer service is also not helpful.
Contact Information

Network Name [bcf7faccd62]i-Deal Direct[/bcf7faccd62]
Some Sites AmericanResearchPanel, FreeLuxuryWatch, ConsumerSavingCenter, e-ResearchGroup, etc.
Offers Inexpensive offers.
Crediting Poor, sometimes under 50%
Shipping 6-8 weeks once approved
Total Time 2-3 months
Notes Most of their sites require one referral. They operate under shell companies such as Red Turtle Investments and Direct to Consumer Interactive.
Contact Information Hard to contact. No Phone number.
Location Chicago, IL

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