Earthlink Offer with Promos?

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14-02-2006 08:18:54

There's a Earthlink promo floating around which I used in my offer for Nuitech, has anyone gotten credit using the promo? Its been two days and I havn't received it yet so I suspect it doesn't work.


14-02-2006 09:36:46

It doesnt. It gives the referral to the person with the promo code. This is stated on fusioncash's offer page..but I thought it would be pretty obviously. Two affiliates can't get credit for the same referral.


14-02-2006 10:07:03

so, it is completely useless for us to sign up? i haven't gotten credit for it either. dangit


14-02-2006 12:30:39

nvm, i really didn't understand about the promo. i was just waiting to see how long it was gonig to take me to get credit for my earthlink account i signed up for. my friends said he only waited like 1 evening, so we'll see tomorrow.


14-02-2006 12:32:27

I wonder if there's some guy making thousands of dollars from people in situations like this...


14-02-2006 12:44:06

the 60 day free promo?

Yea, I did it on RewardBull and got credit instantly.

He also sent me $40 instantly since i didnt want any bulls.. i just needed some QUICK cash (he sent it like 2 minutes after I completed it)


14-02-2006 14:27:10

Yeah it worked for me on RewardBull, thats a funny situation though if whoever the code came from is making cash off us. Haha. Oh well, guess I'll go back and sign up under Earthlink again.

unknown uchiha

14-02-2006 14:29:04

You cannot sign up for an offer again, ne?


14-02-2006 14:32:45

-I like to fraud advertisers out of their $$[/color8cb8629f23]


14-02-2006 14:42:15

That's still fraud.


14-02-2006 14:42:28


You're only supposed to sign up for an offer if you LEGITIMATELY INTERESTED in the product..but whatever..ruin the scene for us )

And I do feel some people are making $$$ of these promos. I saw a while back (on A4F?) a guy pushing everyone to use a blockbuster promo code..

I also saw a guy on HERE trying to SELL a 'secret' promo code for earthlink for referrals. Hah!


17-02-2006 22:45:04

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