Question about 'in progress'

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13-02-2006 08:33:28

Today is 45 days after I did IOG site for the 60gb iPod, my first site. I have been 'in progress' since 12/29/05 for all offers. Today 3 of the offers went from 'in progress' to 'approved'. 2 offers still say 'in progress'.

Should I request manual credit for those 2, or should I give it a day?

I did a search on the forums, but couldn't find the answer. I wasn't sure if you requested manual credit for in progress items, or if it was for offers that had never gone to the in progress stage.


13-02-2006 08:37:32

Call them


13-02-2006 08:49:41

Give it some more time, I had a few offers like that, that went to approved about 5 days after the other ones went to approved.


13-02-2006 09:08:31

That's probably because you CLICKED on the 29th, but the offer may ahve gone in progress later.. its 45 days from In Progress


13-02-2006 09:55:56

ok, thanks for the info.