People on BBB hate these sites! :(

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12-02-2006 23:25:29

I was bored and hit up the BBB to check out peoples reports on yfdirect, everyfreegift etc and damn!!!!! People hate these sites and have posted so many problems they have had that i have not once seem on either or here.


12-02-2006 23:53:47

That is because they are all dipshits, lol.


13-02-2006 00:16:50

[quotef36ee4a62c="Gigante"]That is because they are all dipshits, lol.[/quotef36ee4a62c]

I agree


I have not heard the term dipshit used in years. Thankyou. You have made my nite!!! LOLOLOLOL


13-02-2006 00:27:14

People hate Freepay and OC too on BBB...


13-02-2006 00:35:51

[quote4c7cdbc6ef="Wolfeman"]People hate Freepay and OC too on BBB...[/quote4c7cdbc6ef]

Its just because people are self indiligent weiners who expect everyone to just hand them what they want, they don't bother completing offers or refering friends, just signing up and expecting these companies to hand out gifts... if people would learn to do a little work for what they want then the BBB would have no complaints... haha


13-02-2006 04:44:03

another great thread from ffactoryxx roll


13-02-2006 12:40:34

self indiligent[/quotebebca2d1fa]

You must have been an excellent english student.


13-02-2006 12:59:25

self indiligent[/quote86d6d0cb2b]

You must have been an excellent english student.[/quote86d6d0cb2b]

I'm only a senior in high school, and english has never been a great subject of mine oops


13-02-2006 14:07:58

I'm a senior too, plus I was just kidding.


13-02-2006 14:11:28

[quote9316dd3e07="Aprout"]I'm a senior too, plus I was just kidding.[/quote9316dd3e07]

Yea, i love it, when i started out, i told a few people I was getting a free plasma, and everyone was like, yea, sure, whatever, bullshit... i've got an ibook so far, and I think they are starting to believe me...


13-02-2006 14:48:58

Yeah, I've gotten two of my teachers as refs...They both got ipods.