question about an offer

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12-02-2006 17:48:08

i'm looking at doing as many offers as possible cuz i want to go for the vespa (actually i just want the $3000 wink ). i'm kinda running low on offers i can do, but i was looking at doing some of the little disney book club offers. i have several younger cousins an such, so i could give the books to them.
however, i have a question of how much it costs. it looks like you have to get a certain number of shipments of a certain number of books before you can cancel, which is gonna be quite expensive for an offer. (

[quote93ce64b82e="terms and conditions"]If not 100% satisfied with Chicken Little, you may return it within seven days at Scholastic’s expense for a full refund. If[/size93ce64b82e] you become a member of Disney's Wonderful World of Reading® by keeping the trial book, you will receive three books about every four weeks on seven-day approval for only $3.99 per book, plus shipping and handling.[/quote93ce64b82e]

does this mean i can just return the one book, still pay for the other 7 books shipping on those, and then not have to worry about it? i still want some books for my cousins, i just don't want to spend $70 on 30 books. lol

i am NOT trying to fraud these offers, i just don't want to spend a crap load of money as a gift for someone else