freebidding not instant on CIP?

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10-02-2006 09:22:57

I am doing my first DIY, and I did freebidding yesterday, and I have still not received credit. I know should probably not be making this thread, but I am very anxious. Anyways, I have checked all the offer rating sites, and it says that this offer is instant, so I am just wondering if there are any success stories of getting non-manual credit if it doesn't go instant.

Note I have changed the topic of this thread completely, so the replies below probably do not match this question.


10-02-2006 09:27:08

yeah, you'll have to do manual credit now.


10-02-2006 09:33:51

[quotef56c6ac79d="Airkat"]yeah, you'll have to do manual credit now.[/quotef56c6ac79d]

shit, how long do I have to wait before I can file?


10-02-2006 10:08:30

Earthlink is over night credit.


10-02-2006 10:47:11

30 days. bonsai -- in my experience if it hasnt credited in 24 hours its manual..


10-02-2006 11:27:15

I did it about 5 hours ago max, so hopefully I'll have credit monday. I am really worried.


10-02-2006 12:08:24

[quotec14b581de0="Airkat"]30 days. bonsai -- in my experience if it hasnt credited in 24 hours its manual..[/quotec14b581de0]

Not in my experience. I did Earthlink Dial-up and Earthlink DSL, both credited overnight.

I didn't do them together either - I did dial-up almost a week before DSL.

[edit - sorry about that, I thought you were saying "30 days bonsai" ... as in, I thought you were disputing my claim that it credited overnight]


10-02-2006 12:10:14


"Both credited overnight"

Is that not within 24 hours? What are you disputing here?


11-02-2006 14:48:40

shit... its been 26 hours now... am I looking at manual or southbeach?


11-02-2006 15:20:32

I got credited for Earthlink, was very worried. Not sure how long it took, I didn't check it until now, so I guess it could have theoretically been 32 hours or so.


12-02-2006 15:03:32

is onlingo instant? seems like i cant get my last offer to credit. did it earlier today but no sign of credit.