Need High Priced Freebie, will spend $50 on offers

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09-02-2006 18:47:43

anybody know a legit site that offers like a huge ass TV that requires you only do offers? and I don't want to spend more then $50 on the offers. Anybody have any experiance with anything? let me know.


09-02-2006 18:58:28

well buddy, i would suggest looking around, but as of late the 42'' plasmas seem to be gone, but everyfreegift still has some other tvs i think, just check their site, good luck.


09-02-2006 18:59:43

Doesn't sound like you even looked at any of the threads here...


09-02-2006 19:17:19

He didn't, else he wouldn't of pmd me asking me if DIY sites were legit and where I'd gotten any from.

Not to attack you, but I'm seeing the same attitude lately -- like these sites owe you something. Let's all be really, it's friggin amazing to get even $500 bucks for doing 6 offers let alone a "huge ass TV" for less than 50 bucks...


09-02-2006 19:54:29

Also, people have gone to a lot of time just comiling this information in one place. You know where this place is. Pay some respect to the people that did the dirty work and atleast read up on the information they provided and figure out which site you would like to do yourself.

You seem to fancy yourself a poker pro. Did you build your bankroll from instinct and luck? Or did you build upon what your skill by studying the game and the work from some of the greats?


09-02-2006 21:52:42

No he's spamming the entire forum with questions that have been already answered several times. Just too lazy to look (


09-02-2006 21:56:51

post count.


09-02-2006 22:37:23

You can do the bigwin vespa for 50 bucks if you choose wisely.


09-02-2006 22:45:28

PokerNerd is annoying and his type of questions won't be tolerated here.