Metareward Turnaround?

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07-02-2006 19:58:32

I know the timeframe listed in the sticky is 2 months... Does anyone have an experience to share here? I am curious as to how long it takes to get the gift from the time you go complete and send in the cert...

I am at 9/10 on for the 56" dlp and wondering what i can expect


07-02-2006 20:25:16

Wait, if it says 2 months, why are you asking?


07-02-2006 23:03:17

[quote46731c5203="Gigante"]Wait, if it says 2 months, why are you asking?[/quote46731c5203]

I started mine well over 3 months ago and i sent my W-9 in a little over a week ago... 2 months would be a very very fast turnaround from what my experience is... try 4-5...