Using Prepaid Cards to do Offer Sites

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06-02-2006 19:11:33

This post was lame.


06-02-2006 19:16:18

This has been answered by many in other sections of the forum, look around please.



06-02-2006 19:25:22

What's so hard about cancelling, even WITH a giftcard? Why worry that might get a bill when you can stop that all together and cancel before the trail.


06-02-2006 19:27:30


My only concern, and this is where I need your do any of the TOC's that you have read state anywhere that the company can send a bill to your address or attempt to bill you using a method other than the CC you originally used.

I don't think this has been answered anywhere, perhaps it shouldn't be. I have cancelled all offers done on GC, and I can say that there is no hassle even if you cancel after the trial and they have been trying to charge the GC. I think if too many people try to do offers like this, it could be the death of freebie sites, as advertisers will catch on and we will lose our good offers.

But just so we know, can these companies send you a bill in the mail if your card keeps coming back declined?


06-02-2006 19:33:02

Can you guess why this was locked?