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06-02-2006 15:27:55

Also saw this on -- the guy was spamming his link. In any case, looks like you need 5 referrals and X offers based on your product.

I selected the powerbook. I need 5 referrals and 11 offers complete. Offers look easy as pie (all one page).

Seems crazy no? The thing that got me though is how it works. It actually looks like a freepay site. Check out the circle ring walkthough on the right. You can change your gift. They mention "old-style" referral links (as freepay sites now do).

I'm willing to give it a try. From what the kid said at the site, your referral only needs to signup and not complete an offer. Any takers under me? I'll be putting my link up on my site too.

Once I setup a new account, ill let everyone know how it goes.


06-02-2006 15:29:14

If it's just a signup for a referral, I'll do it.


06-02-2006 15:33:52

Here's their (very strange) whois

PrimeQ Solutions, Inc.

32545 B Golden Lantern
Dana Point, California 92629
United States

Registered through Domains Priced Right
Created on 23-May-05
Expires on 23-May-06
Last Updated on 08-Jun-05

Administrative Contact
Manager, Domain
2 Van Arsdale
Perrineville, New Jersey 08535
United States
(609) 305-5000

Technical Contact
Manager, Domain
2 Van Arsdale
Perrineville, New Jersey 08535
United States
(609) 305-5000

Domain servers in listed order

Registry Status REGISTRAR-LOCK


06-02-2006 15:37:16

I don't quite understand it, but I'm sure I'll be interested when we figure out more about this.


06-02-2006 16:46:16

Well, I had a friend signup under me and it doesn't show yet. He said he verified his email and all so that person @ may have been wrong.


06-02-2006 16:54:09



06-02-2006 17:19:31

Helpful as always ilan...

In any case.. looks like your referrals need to complete atleast one offer from what I understand...

We need to ensure that you have in fact met the initial offer requirements of 1.) completing an online offer yourself as stated with the gift and 2.) referring 5 number of your friends who have each completed an online offer as well.

It would still be nice if they actually showed who was under you though...


07-02-2006 12:32:30

[quote3d26529e76="Airkat"]Helpful as always ilan...[/quote3d26529e76]


07-02-2006 13:55:31

I live really close to Dana Point. Should I swing by and ask him whats up?


27-07-2007 09:31:21

I know this thread is really old but did anything become of this the site is still upo and running